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  • Answers to the Top 6 Questions Asked by Danes Relocating to Brazil
    04-05-2015 11:36
    Interview fra C3 Consulting med indehaver af BrasilienKonsulenten, Signe Ørom     What cultural differences should I be aware of when moving from Denmark to Brazil? How safe is it to live in Brazil? Will it be difficult to get a network as an expat in Brazil?If you’ve asked yourself these and similar questions – keep reading. In this blog post, our Brazil country specialist Signe Ørom provides the answers to the top 6 questions we get from Danish employees and families relocating to Brazil. Signe’s first meeting with Brazil was back in 1990, when she at 16 went on a high school exchange. Since then, she has been living in Portuguese- and Spanish-speaking countries for more than 9 years. She is fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese, has a Ph.D. in language and culture, and has done research on the differences between Danish and Brazilian business culture. 1) How safe is Brazil? What is safe to do and where should I be cautious?Naturally, Brazil is a dangerous country compared to Denmark. But having said that, it’s not as unsafe as you may have heard. I’ve been there myself for many years – both in safe and less safe places – and nothing has ever happened to me. I feel that there is an exaggerated focus on how unsafe Brazil is, and I want to stress that it isn’t the full picture. Of course, there are things you can do to lower the risk of experiencing something unpleasant. For instance, stay away from

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